Brain injuries are life-affecting for you and your family. When you lose or sustain injuries that result in impaired brain function, your family loses your support and income. Medical care is likely to be required around the clock, and therapy services will be necessary to improve functioning and get you as healed as possible. In addition to the compensation available for brain injuries sustained in an accident caused by another, the State of New Jersey has set up a fund for assistance.

The New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Fund allows residents to receive services and support after surviving a brain injury. The goal is to provide services needed for these residents to re-enter life in the community. Services considered needed to reach this goal include:

            ● Therapy

            ● Medication

            ● Modifications/home redesign

The qualifications are difficult to sort through on your own and an application must be made. In addition, liquid assets are used to fund the program. When you are caring for someone with decreased cognitive function, the last thing you need is to spend time figuring out how to seek and qualify for additional help. The resources offered are invaluable, but to maximize the benefits you receive you should seek the advice of a skilled injury attorney. Dealing with governmental agencies is a task our staff is experienced in doing. We take the information you provide, including medical and financial data, and accurately prepare your case. We seek relief from all available forums so the compensation wholly covers your needs. The at-fault party that caused the brain injury is pursued, along with any other potential source of relief appropriate to your case.

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