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What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injuries in New Jersey?

Nothing lasts forever, including your right to sue for an injury. If you are injured in New Jersey, you must file suit within two years of the date on which you were injured. If you fail to do so, you may permanently lose your right to sue. There are many circumstances that could make your […]

New Jersey Supreme Court Allows Suit Against Homeowners Associations

In a case that may have far-reaching repercussions throughout New Jersey, the state Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a resident of a condominium community can sue a homeowners association for injuries resulting from a slip-and-fall on an icy sidewalk. The trial court and an appellate court had maintained that the homeowners association could not […]

What is the Role of “Experts” in Personal Injury Cases?

Experts play a pivotal role in many types of court cases, including personal injury cases. But people outside the legal profession often have a misunderstanding of what experts do. There’s a common misconception that experts are hired guns, taking the stand to say whatever an attorney has hired them to say. This is far from […]

Premises Liability for Accidents Caused Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are beautiful. They’ve inspired painters and songwriters for generations. But let’s face it: they’re a bit of a nuisance. Nobody likes raking leaves, and those noisy leaf-blowers are just plain obnoxious. However, if you don’t clear the leaves from your premises, you could be creating a dangerous condition for which you would be […]

Halloween, Ghoulish Trespassers and the Attractive Nuisance

As Halloween approaches, homeowners and renters must anticipate the patter of little feet as diminutive ghouls, goblins, princesses, ninjas, monsters and extraterrestrials make their way to their doorstep. Is the path from the sidewalk to your door reasonably safe for children, especially in the dark? If not, you could be liable for injuries that occur […]

Brain Injury Compensation

Brain injuries are life-affecting for you and your family. When you lose or sustain injuries that result in impaired brain function, your family loses your support and income. Medical care is likely to be required around the clock, and therapy services will be necessary to improve functioning and get you as healed as possible. In […]

Motorcycle or Murder Cycle?

Motorcycles are fun and provide enjoyment for many owners across the country. But when motorcycles share the road with semis, cars and trucks, the likelihood of catastrophic injury increases. The weight of four or eighteen wheeled vehicles against that of a motorcycle is massive. The special care that must be taken when riding a cycle […]

What is Negligence?

It comes as no surprise that as we go about our everyday lives, we are required to do so safely and without causing harm to ourselves or others. This standard of care is becoming more and more difficult to maintain, given the advent of new technology and the opportunity for distraction. A lack of accountability […]

What is a Personal Injury?

When most people think of a personal injury lawsuit, car wrecks immediately come to mind. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles and boats are complex pieces of machinery that should only be operated with care. When the driver fails to pay the full attention needed to safely operate a vehicle and causes an accident, […]

What Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Do to Help Me?

Injuries from accidents need to be treated and healed. This is true regardless of the type of accident. You may be hurt from a car or motorcycle accident, a collision with a semi-truck, a slip and fall at a public place, a construction site or other workplace accident or an attack by a dog. But […]