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How Do I File for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

The purpose of the workers’ compensation system is to protect the injured worker and provide compensation for injuries and the medical care necessary to treat those injuries. The goal is to reach complete recovery and resume working. When you are hurt on the job you will want to immediately report the injury to your employer. Thereafter, seek medical treatment for your injury and follow physician’s orders with regard to limitations on job duties. If you decide to file a claim for benefits, using a workers’ compensation attorney to help is a smart choice. The rules and procedures for filing claims are complex. Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys know the system and how to argue your case.

Preliminary information can be found at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. There you will find information about your choice to:

            ● File a formal claim petition, or

            ● Make an application for an informal hearing

While you may think it best to undertake these actions on your own, the time and expense required is better suited for a qualified professional. Your focus is on healing, not on litigating your case. After an injury it is likely you are juggling doctor and physical therapy appointments, while attempting to maintain a family schedule. Rather than add to your already full plate, allow a skilled attorney to file your claim for you. An experienced attorney knows you only have two years to file your initial claim. This period begins running from the date of injury. In the case of additional benefits, the two-year clock begins on the date of last payment of compensation. The legal team at Brown, Novick & Colarulo prepares and files workers’ compensation cases regularly. They are well regarded within the community and reach results satisfactory to their clients. Put their experience to work for you and gain confidence in knowing your case is being properly processed in a timely manner.

Seek adequate compensation for on-the-job injuries. Call a New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney at Brown, Novick & Colarulo to review the facts of your case, including the date of injury and of last paid compensation. We offer free initial consultations and thoroughly explain your options prior to filing.