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Motorcycle or Murder Cycle?

Motorcycles are fun and provide enjoyment for many owners across the country. But when motorcycles share the road with semis, cars and trucks, the likelihood of catastrophic injury increases. The weight of four or eighteen wheeled vehicles against that of a motorcycle is massive. The special care that must be taken when riding a cycle extends not only to the cyclist, but also to other motorists.

Reports of injuries related to motorcycles are too numerous to list. When we hear of motorcycle accidents and deaths, we normally think of the rider having crashed into another vehicle or losing control and slamming into a wall. It is less common to envision a cycle out of control at a spectator filled event. However, that was the circumstance mid-September 2013 at Bear Mountain Parkway. Several spectators were injured as cyclists performed before a crowd.

In accidents where the rider is the victim, common injuries can include road burn, broken bones, spinal cord and head injuries and death. Riders become victims when others don’t watch out for bikers and drive negligently. Even when taking precautions such as wearing a helmet and following all the rules of the road, a cyclist can be injured. Simply put, a motorcycle is no match for a car going 80 mph.

Regardless of whether you were riding, watching or traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle, if you have been injured you deserve care and treatment. Focus on recovery while seeking compensation for your injuries by using an attorney that knows how to determine liability and fight for your rights.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, call a New Jersey personal injury attorney at Brown, Novick & Colarulo to discuss your case. We are available to visit you at home or in the hospital. Seek the compensation you deserve by using an experienced personal injury lawyer.