The decision to take the wheel of a vehicle after drinking is unwise. We all know alcohol impairs our ability to make rational decisions and the choice to endanger others is reckless. The injuries sustained in an accident involving a drunken driver are often catastrophic. This is because the impaired driver is often reckless, driving at high rates of speed and disregarding traffic signals. When vehicles collide or are struck at high rates of speed, the force of impact causes serious injuries. Damage to internal organs, spinal cord and head trauma, broken bones and even death are common forms of injuries suffered in accidents involving drunk drivers.

Drunk drivers do not discriminate in choosing victims. Accidents take the lives of the old and young, male and female and people of all races. Recently, victims of an alcohol related accident were laid to rest. The case involved a relative of the victims, who had spent the day drinking before taking the wheel of an SUV, eventually slamming it into a house. The dead included three women ages 62, 36 and 11. The 36-year-old was pregnant. This story illustrates the horrific consequences when people make the decision to drive after drinking. The driver faces charges of vehicular manslaughter.

Seeking compensation for injuries or the death of loved ones in catastrophic accidents helps give closure to those left behind. In this case, the sad reality is that those left behind are family members of both the victims and the perpetrator. Compassionate and caring attorneys recognize the complexities of your personal injury case, particularly when alcohol is involved with related emotional distress. We aggressively seek compensation commensurate with your injuries, while working for a resolution that provides peace of mind. Our skilled staff does not back down from controversial cases and works tirelessly for a result pleasing to our clients.

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