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  • What are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

What are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

In warmer weather, you may hear a lot more about motorcycle accidents than about car accidents. New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers know it’s very likely because motorcycle accidents oftentimes end in the rider’s death.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration tracks motorcycle accident statistics and reports that in 2011, motorcyclists’ fatalities comprised 14 percent of all highway deaths, despite motorcycles making up just three percent of all registered vehicles. Knowing the most common causes can help riders enjoy the open road without tragic consequences:

  • Speed. Whether it’s a motorcycle, car or both, most traffic accidents involve high speed. Failure to obey the speed limit increases the risk of a motorcycle operator losing control and hitting another vehicle or striking a fixed object, such as a telephone or light pole.
  • Failure to yield. Many motorcycle accidents occur as a result of a car failing to yield to a motorcycle or failing to see the motorcycle. Often, the impact ejects the motorcyclist and causes serious injury or even death. Car drivers need to double-check before they pull into a roadway, and motorcyclists should wear clothing that makes them more visible.
  • Terrain. Curvy roads in the beautiful countryside are lined with motorcycles. The winding terrain, however, can be dangerous if the rider does not maneuver responsibly and with caution. In addition to the threat of other vehicles that are perhaps unfamiliar with these areas, motorcyclists should be careful about veering off narrow roads, especially if traveling too fast.

New Jersey motorcycle accident attorneys know that motorcyclists are a vulnerable sect of drivers with little to protect them from serious injury, and that safe riding practices can help them avoid injury in the event of an accident.

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