When most people think of a personal injury lawsuit, car wrecks immediately come to mind. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles and boats are complex pieces of machinery that should only be operated with care. When the driver fails to pay the full attention needed to safely operate a vehicle and causes an accident, that driver is the direct cause of injuries suffered by other people involved in the accident. The at-fault driver is responsible for compensating the injured persons and the injured persons are entitled to all reasonable and necessary medical care to properly heal.

Personal injury lawsuits can be complex and protracted. Insurance companies often get involved, and have an on-staff attorney to represent their interests. It is wise for an injured party to seek competent legal counsel to protect their interests as well. Common types of personal injury cases include:

            ● Car accidents

            ● Dog bites

            ● Nursing home neglect

            ● Wrongful death

            ● Motorcycle wrecks

            ● Construction site accidents

            ● Workers compensation cases (which also have specialized procedures separate and apart from a personal injury                 lawsuit)

            ● Medical and dental malpractice

            ● Slip and fall in a public place

            ● Faulty product manufacture, advertising or sale

A typical lawsuit for recovery from personal injury involves a cause of action against the negligent party. Some of these suits are resolved through negotiation and settlement, while others require a trial for resolution. Our approach is to provide the representation you want, and work toward the type of resolution that fits your case. Not every case can be satisfactorily settled. When that happens our talented team of litigators takes your case to Court and tries the facts to the judge or jury as appropriate.

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