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Drowsy or Distracted Driving


Helping victims of drowsy or distracted drivers recover damages

Driving requires you to be focused and alert. Drivers who are tired or sleepy should pull over and rest. Yet many motorists fail to understand the importance of driving fully rested and without distractions. At Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law in Gloucester County, we provide passionate advocacy for accident victims who suffer injury at the hands of negligent drivers throughout the State of New Jersey. Our lawyers have more than 80 years of combined experienced and have a thorough understanding of New Jersey’s texting while driving law.

If you spot a drowsy driver

While driving, you may spot motorists swerving in and out of lanes or driving below the designated speed limit. Drivers operating their vehicles in these ways can cause car accidents, auto accidentstruck and bus accidents and motorcycle accidents. First, you should keep away from them as much as possible. Second, you may want to contact the local law enforcement agency and report the dangerous driver’s license plate number. If a drowsy driver collides with your vehicle or causes you to crash, our team of highly qualified lawyers can assist you in building a case to collect compensation.

Types of distractions

Any behavior other than driving is a distraction. However, the following are some of the most common distractions that lead to accidents:

  • Talking to passengers: Passengers can be extremely distracting to drivers. A simple conversation can divert a driver’s attention from the road, causing them to miss traffic signs and signals and collide with other vehicles or fixed objects.
  • Texting while driving: In New Jersey, texting while driving is illegal. That is because it is dangerous. Texting requires drivers to divert their eyes, hands and mental attention away from operating their vehicles. Even a quick text message taking only a few seconds can lead to a devastating car wreck. If you or someone you love suffers injury because another driver was texting, the legal team at Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law can provide you with sound legal guidance.
  • Using maps: GPS devices and maps are excellent tools for navigating throughout the state. However, drivers should use these tools with great care and awareness. Review the directions to your location prior to beginning your trip.

Protecting the rights of accident victims in Woodbury, New Jersey

Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law upholds the rights of injury victims in Woodbury, Deptford, West Deptford, Mantua and across Gloucester County. We understand that a car accident can cause catastrophic injuries that may alter your life forever. Our lawyers are ready to work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Our office is conveniently located diagonally across the street from the Gloucester County Courthouse and has onsite parking. If you cannot come to us, we gladly visit your home or hospital bed. To schedule a free consultation and speak to one of our experienced attorneys, call 866-942-4909 or contact us online.

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