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Gloucester County Car Accidents

Gloucester County Car Accident Lawyers

Lawyers represent victims of vehicle collisions and other accidents

At Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law, our attorneys provide comprehensive personal injury representation to the 300,000 residents of Gloucester County. Located in the county seat of Woodbury, our firm is respected throughout South Jersey as a strong advocate for people hurt in car, truck, bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Whether you were injured driving to the Deptford Mall, while on your way to class at Rowan or anywhere else within the area, our attorneys are here to help you pursue maximum compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit. 

Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer at Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law after my Gloucester County car accident?

Even if you have been seriously injured and the other driver is clearly at fault, getting the payment you need to deal with your injuries and their effects can be very difficult unless you have a skillful injury lawyer by your side. Insurance companies know the financial pressure often faced by car accident victims and often try to exploit that to push the victim into an inadequate settlement. You should call the Gloucester County personal injury attorneys at Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law for help after your car accident because of the following reasons:

  • You should be focusing on your physical recovery without worrying about complicated legal details or missing critical deadlines.
  • We are highly experienced lawyers capable of demonstrating why a claim qualifies for adjudication outside of New Jersey’s no-fault insurance system.
  • Our litigators vigorously counter attempts of defendants to blame the victim for a vehicle collision.
  • Insurance companies will fight to deny or reduce the payout of your claim. We understand the true value of your claim and won’t let you be bullied into an unfair result.
  • We conduct a thorough investigation to identify all of the parties that contributed to your crash and develop a complete narrative as to what happened.
  • Drawing on decades of experience, we provide exceptional representation in all types of vehicle collision matters, including cases involving motorcycles, trucks, bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Evidence and witnesses become more difficult to locate over time, so don’t wait to call us if you’ve been hurt in a car crash. 

Where do car accidents occur the most in Gloucester County?

Whether on major highways such as I-295, the Turnpike or local back roads, there are many dangerous spots for drivers in Gloucester County.  The Black Horse Pike, also known in sections as Route 42, is one of the most common sites for fatal accidents in the area. Running through Franklin Township, Glassboro, Washington Township and other Gloucester communities, Route 55 is also a thoroughfare with a high number of serious collisions. There have also been multiple fatal crashes on Delsea Drive in Deptford and Cross Keys Road in Sewell. In addition to high traffic volume, many of these accidents were caused by factors including speeding, drunk driving, inclement weather and distracted driving.

Getting compensation after a Woodbury, NJ car accident 

A vehicle accident can result in all types of severe medical conditions, such as:  

  • Head and neck injuries — The effects of a traumatic brain injury can change someone’s life forever. We consult with expert doctors to identify the short- and long-term symptoms that result from a blow to the head. Rapid snapping of the neck back and forth in a collision can cause various problems, including concussions and whiplash.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries — Even a minor impact to the back is capable of inflicting chronic pain on a victim, and contact with the spinal cord might trigger nerve damage and loss of function. 
  • Broken bones — Someone who is in a car crash could require treatment for one or more bones that are broken or fractured. 
  • Burns — Fires that erupt in the wake of a vehicle collision and hot metal can cause severe burns that necessitate skin grafts or other intensive medical measures. 
  • Internal organ injuries — Damage to the liver, spleen, kidney or other internal organ could lead to blood loss and possibly even death. 
  • Paralysis and loss of limbs — A victim is never the same after a catastrophic injury that results in paralysis or amputation. We strive to achieve a legal resolution that helps clients move forward free of financial struggles. 

In personal injury actions arising out of car crashes, you can be compensated for several types of damages, including: 

  • Present and future medical expenses — Doctor’s and hospital bills accumulate quickly after a severe injury. Whatever your particular condition entails, we battle to recover reimbursement for these expenses, as well as related costs for medications and transportation to appointments. 
  • Present and future lost wages — We strive to recover income that was lost as a result of time missed at work following a crash.
  • Rehabilitation costs — You might need physical or occupational therapy to reduce pain and regain function that was lost after your accident. 
  • Home modifications — The temporary or permanent effects of an injury might necessitate in-home care and/or modifications to the plaintiff’s residence such as wheelchair ramps, handrails and accessible bathroom facilities. 
  • Non-economic harm — Much of the harm associated with a serious car crash does not have a specific price. Our firm seeks compensation for non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium and diminished enjoyment of life. 

Certain cases involving willful misconduct, such as when a driver intentionally rams their car into someone, can justify punitive damages in personal injury cases. We advise South Jersey clients on a full range of issues relating to damages as well as wrongful death claims stemming from fatal auto accidents. 

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At Brown, Novick & McKinley Attorneys at Law in Woodbury, we pursue maximum payment for clients who have been hurt in New Jersey vehicle collisions. You can speak with an experienced lawyer in a free consultation by calling 866-942-4909 or contacting us online.  

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