A recent report by TRIP, a national transportation research group, notes that “more than a quarter of the nation’s major urban roads are rated in substandard or poor condition, providing motorists and truckers with a rough ride and increasing the cost of operating a vehicle.”

Of the 25 worst urban regions with populations greater than 500,000, four of the top five are in financially-strapped California. But the report cites the New York-Newark urban zone as the seventh worst area, with 51 percent of its roads rated substandard. Then, considering smaller urban zones with populations between 250,000 and 500,000, Trenton, NJ appears at number four, with 48 percent of its major roads rated substandard.

For motorists, there are very real costs connected with poor roads. Motorists pay for additional vehicle maintenance because they are driving over crumbling roads pocked with potholes. The report estimates that the annual cost to drivers in the New York-Newark urban area amounts to $791 annually, and the cost to drivers in Trenton is $764. TRIP believes the situation will get even worse as vehicle traffic rates return to their pre-recession rates of growth.

That’s a safe bet, considering recent gas prices. The availability of inexpensive fuel means more driving and more goods being shipped. So, whatever you may be saving on gas now may have to go towards repairs later.

But additional maintenance expense is not the whole story. Severe potholes cause accidents that injure motorists and their passengers. Most motorists are forced to reach into their own pockets or rely on their insurance, which naturally drives up insurance rates. Very rarely does the municipal body responsible for maintaining the roads step up and pay for damages.

State and federal government has been negligent in dealing with our crumbling infrastructure, and in doing so, they are endangering the public. If you’ve suffered an injury accident where a poor road condition was a factor, you may have a case against the government entity responsible. To learn more about your rights, speak to an experienced New Jersey vehicle accident attorney. To schedule a free consultation, call Brown, Novick & McKinley at 856-845-7898  or contact us online.