Injuries from accidents need to be treated and healed. This is true regardless of the type of accident. You may be hurt from a car or motorcycle accident, a collision with a semi-truck, a slip and fall at a public place, a construction site or other workplace accident or an attack by a dog. But while the medical treatment for accident injuries may be standard, the rules to file claims for compensation are not. They vary from state to state, and may even depend on the type of injury. Personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable about these rules, including time limits for filing paperwork. Failure to file on time results in an inability to ever bring an action for compensation for your injuries. Your focus is on recovery, a personal injury attorney’s focus is on proper handling of your claim.

A qualified New Jersey personal injury lawyer assists by following the statutory time to file a case after the accident takes place. In NJ, you have two years to file your claim after the injury.  Our attorneys guide you through this journey and start by recommending things you can do after the accident happens. For example:

● Seek immediate medical attention

● Preserve evidence by taking photos of the injury and accident scene

● Record the names and contact information for all witnesses so your attorney can conduct a thorough interview

You should also keep track of doctor visits, receipts for prescriptions and all correspondence from any insurance company, including your own. Our skilled personal injury attorneys handle your case, rather than a paralegal, and make thorough analysis of the facts. Our goal is to get a result satisfactory to you, whether through persuasive negotiation or trial. We give you individual attention and make sure you are comfortable with the strategy developed for prosecution of your case.

If you are the victim of the negligent act of another, call for an appointment. Preserve your right to full and fair compensation by filing your claim on time. Our dedicated staff is here to give you the guidance needed during the painful time of recovery and healing. We offer free initial consultations and can meet you at home or in the hospital if that best fits your needs. Call an attorney at Brown, Novick & Colarulo today for more information.